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The Scottish First Minister has thrown her weight behind a growing campaign to transform BBC Scotland into an international standard broadcaster. The demands for serious investment is picking up steam with unions and political parties throwing their weight behind ambitious plans. It is also becoming clear that management at Pacific Quay have submitted their own proposals to radically change and improve the corporation north of the border.

Nicola Sturgeon made a hard hitting speech at the Edinburgh international Television festival laying out the ambitions of the Scottish Government for a larger share of the licence fee for Scotland with greatly expanded news, current affairs and more drama produced in Scotland.
A series of meetings between the local management and unions has also resulted in agreement on the mutual support required for the BBC in general as part of the Charter Renewal. However it now appears that the initial proposals for the BBC’s own Green Paper from BBC Scotland executives have been kicked into the long grass by London executives.
Cross party support is expected to grow for the campaign and meetings have already taken place with staff from the Culture Minister’s office in Edinburgh with others planned for Westminster later this month.
The Scottish Federation of Entertainment Unions and STUC are specifically campaigning for more investment and autonomy over spending in Scotland which would greatly boost the creative industries in areas of journalism, music and drama. Union officials are arguing that much more is required to be done to restore public faith in the BBC, particularly in Scotland where a range of surveys of licence fee payers have shown a lack of engagement and trust in the current set up.


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