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Consultation Under Way At Scotsman Titles

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Following the shock announcement of up to 32 editorial job losses across JP titles in Scotland, consultation has started at The Scotsman. On top of this figure, around 15 posts are at risk in the design hub as the company propose to transfer the work to Sheffield and NUJ designers have already started their one to one meetings with management.

National organiser Paul Holleran met with members at the JP Orchard Brae offices in Edinburgh and a clear response on how to handle the cuts has been agreed. Paul said: “This designer work can be caried out remotely and I can see no good reason why these jobs have to be lost in Scotland. The company will have to make a very compelling argument for the union to accept this transfer of work down south. We will engage with the company in our usual constructive manner but there are certain things we will just not accept on the nod.”

It appears the senior Scottish based editors are not yet aware of the scale or areas of their specific cuts but meetings are being planned for later in the week with editors, officials and F/Mocs involved as part of the consultation process.

Although no details have been released it is estimated that total group cuts of up to £4.5M are in the offing as chapels compare notes across JP. Widespread concerns are being expressed at the high stress levels that exist following previous cuts in the last year as well as fear for some of the smaller, less profitable titles.


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