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NUJ Seek Improved Terms in Latest Newsquest Redundancies

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Despite initial demands for an immediate ballot for industrial action the Newsquest Chapel voted to give management a chance to improve redundancy terms as the US owned company look for another 25 editorial job cuts. In the fourth round of job cuts in the last 14 months at their Scottish titles, management are demanding £1M in savings across editorial. Union officials do not believe there will be enough volunteers under the current terms, which are only slightly enhanced above statutory terms. In the case of any move to compulsory redundancies a ballot of industrial action will be triggered.

As part of the campaign to mitigate job losses the union has also proposed  the new management team should explore setting up a production hub in Scotland to handle copy and images across the Scottish titles and online content.  This would have major benefits in saving jobs, but also maintaining quality. This is particularly relevant after a recent Newsquest u-turn regarding the writing of headlines in the subbing pool in Newport South Wales. Poor quality and extensive mistakes have led eventually to the company realising the flawed process of sub-editing from afar. The union is hopeful this will go further with recognition of the need for a Scottish hub to meet the journalistic needs of editors and create genuine efficiencies.


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