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Union In The Dark On JP Cuts But Meetings Are Imminent

Union officials are meeting senior editors to discuss details of the Johnston Press plans to cut jobs across Scotland. Around 32 editorial  and around a dozen design jobs are at risk but the lack of information about where the cuts are being targeted is causing much stress among staff.

It is believed a top level meeting took place in Edinburgh today with further discussions tomorrow. Organisers are hoping to meet management after they come up with their draft proposals and throw some light on the subject.

The union has asked the company to increase the redundancy terms from two weeks for every year to three, but some FoCs are reluctant to agree to any further job cuts regardless of the terms on offer. There is growing concern about increased workloads in the weekly and daily titles with stress levels at an all time high and assurances are being sought about the impact of these latest job cuts.

Another member of the Scotsman staff is believed to have suffered a heart attack this week, which would be the third in the last six months.


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