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Sign up and find out about e-publishing – and hear from journalists about their publishing successes covering fiction, funny facts, rock bands, sport and theatre.  Event date Thursday 30 November at Rhoderick Dhu’s, Glasgow.  Join us for drink, buffet & fun via Eventbrite


Lots of journalists have an unpublished book in their head, but many have already published.  At this NUJ Scotland / Bookweek Scotland event we will hear about how to go about self-publishing for the digital age and hear from five journalists who have had various types of work published – Deedee Cuddihy, Catherine Deveney, Mark Fisher, Alex Gordon and Maggie Ritchie.  The NUJ Scotland event is sponsored by Bookweek Scotland and Scottish Union Learning’s Digital Inclusion Project. Refreshments and a buffet will be available.

Deedee Cuddihy

Funny Scottish Books is the self-publishing empire of Glasgow freelance journalist Deedee Cuddihy who has written more than a dozen books on subjects ranging from tattoos to Tunnock’s Teacakes, including her latest which is high in demand in Dundee called Only in Dundee.

Previous titles include How to Murder a Haggis, I Love Irn-Bru, The Wee Guide to Scottish Women, I Love Tunnock.s Teacakes, Love You Nicola, Scottish Superstitions, The Little Book of Scottish Men, Scottish Wedding Disasters and Under the Skin – Scottish Tattoos.  See  to find out more.

Catherine Deveney

The Chrysalis is a story of two people trapped in their own bodies – Marianne, an elderly woman near death, and Zac, a young man who believes he was born into the wrong gender. The combination of the two characters positions transsexuality as just another aspect of humanity, not as an aberration. The story moves from an old people’s home, where residents are treated with a nerve-jangling lack of respect, to a small town in the south of France, where life is delicious – and dangerous. The writing is sensuous, sensitive and atmospheric and the reader empathises with both Marianne and Zac as the novel moves to its touching climax.

Catherine Deveney is a multi-award-winning journalist, feature writer, novelist and journalism training project worker. For many years she worked at Scotland on Sunday’s Spectrum Magazine, conducting in-depth interviews with a wide range of subjects from Adele to Alex Salmond, Donald Trump to Deborah Mitford, serial killers to cyclists. In 2010 she made the leap to fiction, with Ties that Bind, followed by Kiss the Bullet and Dead Secret. Her acclaimed novels are marked by their in-depth, realistic portrayals of characters in extreme emotional situations.

Mark Fisher

The XTC Bumper Book of Fun for Boys and Girls is a 256-page edition of Limelight, the classic 1980s fanzine about pop group XTC. It features the original fanzine copies published between 1982 and 1992 plus new material for 2017, including interviews with band members Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Dave Gregory and Terry Chambers. Put together by founding editor Mark Fisher, it celebrates the fanzine’s 35th anniversary and the band’s 40th anniversary.

Mark Fisher is one of Scotland’s foremost commentators on the arts. With over 25 years’ experience, he is the Scottish theatre critic for the Guardian, a former editor of the List and a freelance contributor to Variety, the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday. He is the author of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide and How to Write About Theatre (both Bloomsbury Methuen Drama). The XTC Bumper Book of Fun for Boys and Girls is his first self-published title.

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon is the former Chief Sports Sub-Editor of the Daily Record and Sports Editor of the Sunday Mail. His latest whodunit based in Millport, Who Stole Sitting Bull? is published this month.  He had his first sports book published in 1988 to honour Celtic’s Centenary Year, entitled The First 100 Years. Glasgow-born, Alex has had thirteen football books published, including The History Bhoys this year.

Alex had his debut novel published in 2013, entitled Who Shot Wild Bill? It’s a quirky whodunnit set during the Country and Western Weekend in Millport. Ringwood took over the publishing rights from Crime Lab and the follow-up – What Spooked Crazy Horse? – came out in 2016. He is currently working on the fourth in the Charlie Brock whodunit series, Who Jinxed Jesse James? .Ringwood also published his newspaper memoirs, Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu in 2015, and number two is due for next year with the working title, ‘A Raccoon Stole My Thunder’.  Find out more at

Maggie Ritchie

Looking for Evelyn by Maggie Ritchie tells how journalist Chrissie Docherty returns to the southern Africa of her childhood and tracks down Evelyn Fielding, the woman at the centre of an explosive scandal involving a traditional colonial officer and a gifted black artist.  Together, the two women uncover the secrets that shattered a remote expatriate outpost in the Zambian Bush.  Switching deftly between the 1990s and the 1970s, and set against a background of tense post-colonial race relations, political turmoil and witchcraft, Looking for Evelyn powerfully evokes the colours, sounds and smells of Africa.

Maggie Ritchie’s debut novel, Paris Kiss (2015) won the Curtis Brown Prize, was runner up for the Sceptre Prize and long listed in the Mslexia First Novel Competition.  The German edition has appeared on bestseller charts.  Maggie graduated with Distinction from the University of Glasgow’s MLitt in Creative Writing.  A journalist, she grew up in Zambia, Spain and Venezuela before settling in Scotland.  She lives in Glasgow with her husband and son.  See @MallonRitchie and


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