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NUJ sponsor best news article category in Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

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The NUJ is delighted to be sponsoring an award at this year’s Write to End Violence Against Women Awards.

The NUJ has been supporting the awards since their launch and this year, the fifth year, will be sponsoring the ‘Best Article – News’ category.

The union has been working to shine a light on the issue of women’s representation both by the media and in the media.

Violence against women is often in the news, especially now. It is on a spectrum ranging from victim blaming, locker room banter and sexist attitudes to violence, rape and murder.

Even apart from recent and current events, its prevalence in society makes it a ‘hot topic’ for reporters and its complex nature makes it an interesting issue for feature writers. However, the fact that violence against women is so complex can mean that even journalists with the best of intentions can misrepresent some of the issues and perpetuate myths that are harmful to women.

On the other hand, good reporting can play a vital role in increasing understanding of violence against women and challenging its place in our society. And many journalists and bloggers produce high quality work which confronts violence and gender inequality.

The NUJ agrees with the award event organisers, Zero Tolerance, that the hard work of journalists and bloggers deserves to be recognised.  And since the launch of the awards, they have succeeded in improving standards in journalism by rewarding those committed to furthering the cause of gender equality through their work.

Award categories include best news article, best feature article, best article – student & young person category, best blog or comment piece, best creative writing piece and the wooden spoon category for the worst type of journalism.  Hopefully one day there will be no submissions for the wooden spoon category.

The University of Strathclyde is sponsoring the best article – student & young person category.  The awards ceremony is at the Scottish Parliament on December 7, sponsored by Monica Lennon MSP.






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