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Brand Me – Confidence-building course for women in the media

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The working life of a woman in the media can be precarious.  Many are on zero hours contracts, casual workers, freelance, part-time or on fixed term contracts.  So they have to continuously sell themselves and their skills, to get work, to survive.

Work is often allocated on a “who you know” basis, in other words “jobs for the boys” who meet up on the golf course, the football terraces or the pub.  Macho environments still prevail in some newsrooms and women’s voices are drowned out as the men are louder.

Additionally, women are known for not blowing their own trumpet enough.  They tend to undersell themselves, seeing the negatives rather than the positives.

That’s why they need help to up their game in the confidence stakes from someone who knows the industry from the inside.

Mairi Daimer is a former BBC producer who knows the media industry inside out.  She knows it’s cut throat and she knows it’s harder for women, from her own personal experience.  Her workshop is specially developed for women working in the media to sell themselves, to overcome these obstacles and pave the way for winning at work.

Mairi Damer’s media workshop Brand Me is for women to build confidence and develop self-promotion skills is suitable for promotion opportunities, negotiating pay rises and handling freelance work.

To sign up for a subsidised place on Wednesday 28 March at the NUJ offices in Glasgow, contact


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