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The industry has never needed an active and strong union as much as it does now. Designed to provide support to chapel representatives and individual members the site will improve communications from the NUJ Scottish office to members, campaign on day to day issues, promote training and will host a secure forum for F/MoCs and officials.

News and campaign pages will provide advice and inspire members to work within the union to fight for quality journalism, decent pay and health and safety, host messages of support from our political supporters and other unions.

Employers who shaft our members will be exposed and bosses who are as vindictive as they are incompetent will be exposed. However the NUJ will also engage with progressive people who are interested in promoting and advancing the future of journalism.

Protecting good journalists means protecting good journalism and this site will be driven with that aim.

Contact the NUJ in Scotland:

0141 248 6648

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The National Union of Journalists is the voice for journalism and for journalists across the UK and Ireland working at home and abroad in all sectors of the media as freelances, casuals and staff in newspapers, news agencies, broadcasting, magazines, online, book publishing, in public relations, communications, and as photographers.

The union represents a broad range of media professionals.

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