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Reporting Mental Health & Suicide – New Guidelines Launch Captured by MAs

REPORTING a death by suicide is a tough gig for any journalist, but not as tough as it is for the bereaved family, and for the thousands of other bereaved families whose heartache is relived each time they read or hear of another death through suicide.

And not as tough as it is for someone, somewhere who might just decide to attempt to take their own life after reading or hearing that report.

That is why the National Union of Journalists has published its latest guidelines for journalists and all those working in the media on Responsible Reporting on Mental Health, Mental Illness & Death by Suicide.

Trainee journalists on the modern apprenticeship in digital journalism at Forth Valley College were at the launch at the University of Strathclyde to capture the event on film and to learn first hand about the importance of sensitive reporting of such issues.

Their film report can be seen here.

To download the guidelines click here.

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