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Online abuse of women journalists is a major threat to free speech and democracy

By Fiona Davidson, project worker, A Stronger Voice for Women in the Media

Women journalists are no strangers to violence – in the newsroom, on the front line and in cyberspace.  In fact online abuse is a growing problem for journalists and the nature directed at women is particularly vile, insidious and threatening.

However cyberbullying of women journalists is not merely a gender issue.  It is silencing women at a time when women in the media need to be heard.  And if it means journalists are avoiding certain stories, that is a major problem for free speech and democracy.

Violence is not part of the job
World Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women was on 25 November, marking the start of 16 days of activism. Continue reading


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Free tickets for NUJ members – Hooligan Sparrow at CCA Glasgow this Sunday

15 FREE tickets are available for NUJ members at Take One Action Film Festival’s screening of Hooligan Sparrow, an exposé of human rights abuses and governmental intimidation in China. at CCA Glasgow on Sunday September 18. Use code NUJ at checkout. First come, first served. Scottish organiser Paul Holleran will be participating in discussion afterwards